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Photo Migration Terms and Conditions overlay

Photo Migration Terms and Conditions

By connecting your Costco account with Shutterfly, you are directing Costco to securely transfer Your Content (including the photos, contact information and associated account information from your Costco Photo account) to Shutterflycanada.ca. Once Shutterfly has received your transfer, Shutterfly’s terms and policies will apply to Your Content.

All image files will be stored on Shutterfly in JPEG format. We cannot guarantee that all of your content will be successfully imported to Shutterflycanada.ca; content in unsupported file formats, or source files that are corrupted, unreadable or damaged may result in data loss or inability to access from your Shutterfly account. You are solely responsible for maintaining backup copies of your content. Neither Costco nor Shutterfly will be liable or responsible to you for any damages or losses that result from your inability to access or use your content.

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